Gorillas are known as one the smartest animal in the animal kingdom but What would Happen If You Start Pounding Your Chest in front of the Gorilla? This is not a good idea to pound in front of Gorilla but what would happen if someone does this?

I think there is not an exact answer because it isn’t fixed that Gorilla will do the same thing whenever you start pounding in front of a gorilla. It will depend on the mood of a gorilla. Let’s see what are possibilities of Gorilla’s action against pounding.

Why did Gorilla pound their chest?

Scientists have been working on it to know the main reason for this activity but did not find exactly why they do this. Some assumptions and research say that they do it to show off their power. Whenever males are just to start a fight they began to beat their chest hardly this proves how big and powerful they are and opponents know the power of the opponent and decide to fight or fall back. If an opponent is more powerful then generally Gorilla don’t fight to avoid injury.

What Would Happen If You Start Pounding Your Chest in front of Gorilla?

The following things could happen according to me:-

[1] Become aggressive

Pounding is the symbol of showing dominance so if Gorilla is in mood and maybe he will think you’re challenging him for a fight so he might become aggressive and can attack you but it depends on the mood of Gorilla. Generally, Gorilla doesn’t attack humans but if you do this they might become aggressive.

[2] Female might like you

If you do this in front of a female Gorilla then there is a chance that she will think you’re trying to impress her and if you have a good body and look stronger then she might like you and become your friend.

[3] Ignore you

Sometimes they behave normally. They don’t react on your this activity. They know we are different from them so they might ignore you as they will think we are doing fun. There is more chance that they won’t overreact and generally ignore you.

[4] Confused

They may become confused watching you doing this because only monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas do this. Apart from them, non-other animals do such kind of activity so they might be confused why we are doing this.


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