Animals are one of the most populated living beings in the world. Everywhere, near the city, forest, river, sea, and maintain you can see animals. Some are cute, some smart, some honest and some are very dangerous. All types of animals you can see all across the world. Animals play an important role in the earth that’s why every animal is important. In the world, you will see various species of animals some are so huge and terrible and some are very small and cute. In this post, we will know about the 10 Smallest animals in the world.

Top 10 Smallest Animals In The World

[1] pygmy marmoset – Smallest Monkey

You must have seen a monkey jumping from one tree to another tree. Science says that we humans are developed from monkeys. If you see the smallest monkey you can’t stop yourself to say amazing. The size of the smallest monkey is from head to body 117 mm – 152mm and 172 mm – 229mm long tail. This monkey lives in an evergreen forest, mostly near the river of South America. The weight of this monkey is near 100 gm. These smallest species of monkey likes to stay in stable troops like other monkey species. The oldest and stronger monkey leads the team.

[2] Chihuahuas – Smallest Dog

Dogs are the best friendly animals of the human that’s why many people like to keep dogs at their house. Some people keep the dog to protect their house and some people like the dog very much so they keep dogs at their home. There are many species of stronger and cute dogs but Chihuahuas is the smallest species of dog it looks so cute. Normally they grow 6 to 9 inches. These are so friendly dogs and easily trainable. Chihuahuas’s life period is 12 to 20 years.

[3] Rusty-Spotted Cat – Smallest Cat

smallest wild at in the world from sri lanka (Prionailurus rubiginosus)

The rusty-spotted cat is Asian Cat species mostly found in India and America and some in Nepal. The length of this cat is near 29 inches. The species of this cat likes to eat small frogs some lizards and small birds. We all know that cats and tigers belong to the same family so they both have the same characters. This cat looks the same as normal cats who can be often spotted near houses.

[4] Chersobius signatus – Smallest Turtle

This is the smallest species of turtle and it is commonly known as the speckled tortoise. The common length of this turtle is 6-8 cm, which is so small and you can imagine how cute it looks. The mass of a young turtle is 60 – 150 gm which is very lightweight.

[5] Barbados threadsnake – Smallest Snake

This is the smallest species of snake. Commonly known as the blind snake. You will be confused between this snake and earthworm if you see it for the first time. It looks similar to earthworms. The adult snake’s length is 10cm and weight is 0.6gm

[6] Paedocypris – smallest fish

This smallest species of fish are found in most of South Asia. The mature female fish measures just 7.9 7.9 millimeters. This fish shows sexual dimorphism. This small fish is related to the carp family. Its body looks transparent except the head.

[7] Jaragua lizard – Smallest lizard

It’s so tiny lizard it looks like a small insect. The baby lizard’s size is very small. Can you believe that length of an adult Jaragua lizard is 1.6 – 1.8cm? Its scientific name is Sphaerodactylarisesae.

[8] African pygmy squirrel – Smallest Squirrel

This is the smallest squirrel species in the world. The total length of an adult African pygmy squirrel is 12-14cm and its weight is between 15-18 gm. This squirrel looks so cute and it is found in the tropical rainforest area. They like to live solo they don’t stay in a group. They spend most of the time searching for food. They eat small insects and fruits but the amazing fact about African squirrels is that they don’t store food.

[9] Paedophryne amauensis – smallest frog

7.7 mm in length’s this frog is the world’s smallest frog. This smallest species of frog was discovered in August 2009. The amazing fact about this frog is that on its life cycle there isn’t any tadpole larva stage. Generally, every frog species have a tadpole larva stage on their life cycle but this tiny frog species doesn’t have this. This is a land frog.

[10] pygmy rabbit – Smallest Rabbit

This is American rabbit species that is considered the smallest rabbit species in the world. The total length of a mature rabbit is between 23.5 cm to 29.5 cm. The mass of this rabbit is 275 grams to 500 grams. It’s grey colored rabbit species. They live in burrows and these burrows have multiple gates. They eat grasses and sagebrush plants and they don’t store food for the future.


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