Everyone knows we can’t get back any animal after extinction so the best way to keep animal species alive we all need to save them with public and government help. Only the Government’s help is not enough to save a species from extinction. We all need to stand to save biodiversity.

Tequila is a small fish species that were living in the ocean and near 1998 scientists found that this fish is disappearing from the ocean the direct mean of this signal is the extinction of this species.

To save this species from extinction the Michoacana University of Mexico was given 10 fish from Chester Zoo in 1998. The main reason for less number of these species was found pollution and invasion. With the help of Chester zoo, 10 fish were separated in artificial habitat (pond) in the special care of the Michoacana University of Mexico. They keep monitoring these fish and the separate habitat helped them from enemies that mean no fear of predators so they can freely reproduce and the same happened. The effort of the Michoacana University of Mexico results good and from 10 Tequila fish thousands of new fishes are reproduced and some fishes have been released in the Teuchitlán River in southwest Mexico.

Around 1500 fish were returned to the Teuchitlán River in southwest Mexico and the report is saying that the Tequila fish population is now thriving.

Decades of effort resulted and gave a good result. This plan worked to save an endangered species from Extinction and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature appreciated this case study and this plan could be used in further projects to save more endangered species.

Every animal is important for the ecosystem and when any animal is lost from the ecosystem it will directly or indirectly affect us so for our lives other’s lives are important. Not only for self profit but humanity we need to save other animals too.


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