Mansukh Hiren Biography, Case, Death and more


Mansukh Hiren was a normal man till his car found outside the Ambani’s house with explosives. Some days after this phenomenon he found dead. In this case, this looking like a suicide case but the police is doing their investigation on this. He was the only victim of the car with explosive things outside Ambani’s resident that’s why he is important on the case.

Who is Mansukh Hiren?

Mansukh Hiren was a normal person till he was involved in the case of car parked with explosive material outside Mukesh Ambani’s resident. He was a shopkeeper. Her wife’s name is Vimla Hiren and his brother’s name is Vinod. Some days before he found dead in the Kalwa-Mumbra Cay Monkey Bay. Her wife reported a case of the murder of her husband.

According to the report, on Thursday before dying he left the shop and left with an autorickshaw. After some days her wife filed and report of the missing of her husband and her husband (Mukesh Hiren) found dead in the river.

Why Mansukh Hiren is key to attraction?

Some days before a Scorpio with explosives found outside Mukesh Ambani’s resident. Fortunately, anything wrong didn’t happen. After checking police found that the number plate of the car has been changed and after doing more research they found that the owner of this car is Mukesh Hiren. He was the important victim of this and when police asked him about this he accepted that the car is of him.

He was the only victim of this case that’s why he was important in this case. After someday, he was murdered by some unknown criminals and the main victim of this incident died. Because of this incident, he is the key to attraction.


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