The tongue is one of the most common body organs of animals. Almost every animal has a tongue. Tounge has some special functions in animals. The main function of the tongue is to give taste and help to swallow the food but in some animals, it can work as a prey hunter (like a frog). Animals like frogs and lizards use their tongue to capture prey. Although, the tongue is a common organ its structure and function may vary from animal to animal. Most of the animals have a normal type of tongue that functions normally but some animals with unusual tongues aren’t hidden.

10 Animals with unusual tongue

[1] Frogs

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Frogs are found approximately everywhere in the world. The tongue length is one-third of the entire body. The frog mainly uses its tongue to catch prey. The tongue of a frog is long, sticky, and very fast. With the help of the tongue, frogs catch their prey very fast (In milliseconds). Normally a frog takes 0.07 seconds to capture an insect. The reason behind the super sticky tongue is mucus. The frog launches its tongue very fast and its sticky tongue capture insects very quickly. The tongue of the frog works as a weapon.

[2] Lizard

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Like frogs, a lizard’s tongue mainly functions as hunting prey but the lizard’s tongue can stretch twice in the length of the entire body. The lizard can launch their tongue at 60mph. Super sticky saliva help to catch and stick prey through the tongue.

[3] Cymothoa exigua

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Cymothoa exigua is a parasite that targets many fishes. It enters through the gill of fish and gets attached to the tongue of the fish. It starts feeding the tongue of fish and after some time it destroys or feeds the tongue of fish and take place of the tongue after destroying the tongue. it looks like a tongue of fish but it is a parasite. It doesn’t leave the fish after completely feeding the fish tongue.

[4] Penguin

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Penguins are one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. They do live in arctic places. Most people don’t know this amazing fact about the tongue of penguins. The structure of the tongue of penguins is very different. The tongue of the penguin looks like the tongue of tigers and lions. The tongue of penguin has a lot of spine-like structure made from keratin which helps the penguin to catch prey and there are very less chances that prey can get out of the penguin’s mouth.

[5] Tiger

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Tiger’s tongue contains much spiny structure which makes unusual tongue structure from other animals. These spiny structures are very sharp if a tiger will lick your skin it will hurt you so much. These spiny structures are called papillae. The tongue is so rough its lick can paint off from the wall. Mainly this structure helps the animal to strip fur, feather, and skin.

[6] Giraffe

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What do think when someone will say you that is your tongue adapted to the sun. Most people will think why would our tongue adapt to the sun, our tongue is mostly inside our mouth so why does it need to adapt to the sun but giraffe’s tongue is adapted to the sun because of its taller height it eats leaf from the upper part of the tree that’s why its tongue is mostly exposed to sun and to protect its tongue from UV rays of sun it adapts itself. Generally tongue color is pink but the giraffe’s tongue is dark-colored (mixed color of purple, blue and black). The reason behind the dark color of the tongue is the melanin pigment found in the tongue to protect it from sunlight.

[7] Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus)

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The numbat is a cute animal. Its tongue is long, slender, and narrow. The tongue length is 10-11 cm long. Numbat uses its long tongue to catch termites deep inside the ground. Numbat eats 15,000 to 20,000 termites every day. Its long, and slender tongue plays a key role in feeding. Without its long tongue, Numbat can’t catch termites inside the ground.

[8] Hummingbird

Hummingbirds have an unusual type of tongue. From the outer, it looks normal because most of the birds have this type of tongue but when you see the anatomy structure of its head you gonna be a shock because of its unusual tongue design inside the head. From the outside, it looks longe, thin, and stretchy but in anatomy, you will see the tongue is coiled around the eye and then came out in the mouth. This type of tongue design is so unique.

[9] Blue Whale

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No doubt the blue whale is the largest animal on earth. Its body is so huge so its tongue will be also huge. according to some reports blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an elephant’s. You can compare and understand how huge a tongue is. This huge tongue of blue whale makes it unusual. Blue whale’s tongue is the largest tongue on the planet earth.

[10] Red-bellied woodpeckers

(Image credit – livescience)

Most animals have a tongue made up of thick muscle but a Red-bellied woodpecker’s tongue is made of bone. The bony tongue structure isn’t a shocking fact but the total length of the tongue is longer than skull to beak length will shock you. If the tongue is longer then how woodpacker keep the tongue inside the mouth? The tongue isn’t made of full bone it is made up of bone, cartilage, and muscle. It doesn’t have a place to keep its tongue inside the mouth so when it brings back tongue inside the mouth the tongue is wrapped around the skull in this way woodpecker manages to keep its long bony tongue inside the mouth. Its long bony tongue helps it to catch prey inside the tree hollow.


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